Getting the picture at Paycocke's House

Paycockes House, Essex, banner front hall wood cut image

Why not see for yourself the new ways of telling our story, on show in the house now?

A team working with us over the 2015 season looked at new and interesting ways of bringing our story to life.  Comments from our visitors often mention the way our volunteer guides are able to share their enthusiasms – for the building itself, the characters of past residents, or the history of cloth-making in our region.

Step into our panelled room and you could easily imagine yourself in a painting by Holbein – every detail of the room recreates a working office of the Tudor period, including devices for telling the time and adding up the balance sheet.  Upstairs, in the room above, it is as if Imogen Holst is still staying here with her father.

Younger visitors particularly enjoy the mysteries of the house – doors that lead nowhere and strange little cupboards.  Be sure to check these out for yourself.

In each room imaginative and beautiful banners give some more detail on the history of the house and who lived here.  Ask to see the room folders if you would like to learn more.

All the wealth of the original owner, Thomas Paycocke, came from trade in woollen cloth.  Now you can see lengths of woollen fabric similar to the legendary “Coggeshall White” on display in the house.  In the reign of Henry VIII, wool meant money.

New for 2016 will be a pictorial guide, aimed at families, which will invite you to meet Thomas and his family.