What do we do while the house is closed?

Every winter, Paycocke's House and Garden close to the public for the darkest months of the year. Over this time the team are still working hard behind closed doors. You'll be able to see the fruits of their labour when we reopen on the 17 March.

Wrapped up in lots of layers against the cold, we start work at the very top of the house and hoover every beam, dust every flat surface and polish all of the floorboards. We will carry out a full inventory check, making sure that all of the objects in our care are still where they're supposed to be, and that they are in good condition.

It is a real chance for us to get under the skin of the buidlind; to discover and rediscover all of the nooks and crannies that make it special. It's also very important for protecting the buidling. We are delighted to be welcoming more and more visitors every year to our beautiful house - the more people who discover it the better, but every footstep will wear away a minute amount of ancient floorboard. Over the winter we will put down a thick later of protective polish to all 900 square meters of floors, as well as doors, banisters and pannelling. This makes sure that they are here for another 500 years and that the special beauty of Paycocke's can be discovered by future generations.