South West Outdoor Festival terms and conditions

The terms and conditions for the South West Outdoors Festival.

The National Trust and South West Outdoor Festival organisers can take no responsibility for the loss (including theft) or damage of any personal property or equipment that you bring to the festival.
Photography and videography will be captured throughout the weekend. By purchasing a ticket (camping, parking or for any event, experience or activity) and/or attending the festival, you are consenting to your photograph being taken, and acknowledging that this footage and these images may appear in print and/or online (within the context of the festival) without any further consent being sought. 
Alterations to the festival's free content (including speakers, taster activities, guided walks, volunteering opportunities, live music, film showings and other entertainment, etc) are made at the sole discretion of the South West Outdoor Festival organisers and the National Trust, and any such changes will not incur any ticket refunds.
Every effort has been made to ensure the camping areas and festival site are as safe as possible, and professional first aiders have been contracted. However, the National Trust and South West Outdoor Festival organisers do not accept any responsibility for any injuries (including death) or losses suffered during the event as a result of personal or third party negligence, extreme weather, acts of god, private equipment failure, dangerous behaviour, animal aggression, or other unforeseen circumstances.   
All activities, events and challenges run under the umbrella of the South West Outdoor Festival by an external supplier (including all participatory cycling, running, climbing and water-based activities) are subject to the Terms and Conditions of the third party organising the activity.    
It is the participant's responsibility to ensure that they are physically prepared and medically fit to participate in any event, experience or activity that takes place during the South West Outdoor Festival, whether it is free or paid for. 
Furthermore, it is the participant's responsibility to ensure that they have the correct equipment and clothing required for the activity they are taking part in, and that this equipment is in good working order.
The National Trust and South West Outdoor Festival organisers reserve the right to refuse to allow an individual to participate in an activity or event if they reasonably believe that they (or their equipment) are unfit to do so for any reason, and/or if they pose a danger to themselves or others. 
The National Trust and South West Outdoor Festival organisers also reserve the right to: 
Ask people to reveal the contents of their bags to check for prohibited items.
Eject people (without refund) for unruly or dangerous behaviour, or for any serious breach of the festival rules (including disorderly dogs).
Refuse the sale of alcohol to anyone under 18 years old, or anyone who appears inebriated, and to ask for ID if people appear under 25.
The purchase by you of tickets and these terms and conditions (and any contractual or non-contractual matters arising in relation to these terms and conditions) are governed by English law and any disputes arising out of any transaction between you and the South West Outdoor Festival are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.
Once tickets have been purchased, refunds are not possible.

The event will take place regardless of weather, unless the National Trust deem conditions to be dangerous.