Go geocaching at Penshaw Monument

GPS devices on a table at Penshaw Monument

There's treasure hidden on Penshaw Hill and all you need to find it is a GPS device and your sense of adventure.

What is geocaching?

Geocaching is a high-tech treasure-hunting game. There are over a million secret containers (called geocaches) hidden in outdoor locations throughout the world.
Hunting for them is great fun for people of all ages who enjoy getting out in the fresh air.
Many contain interesting facts about the location where the geocache is hidden, while puzzles need to be solved in order to reveal the final location of others.

Log your findings

Once you locate the treasure you’ll find a logbook to sign. Often there are trinkets you can swap too. Once you get back from your geocaching adventure, you can log your visits and share experiences with the geocaching community.
The National Trust has created a special geocache here at Penshaw Monument, but you'll have to solve a few puzzles to find it.
To find out more, visit geocaching.com or opencaching.com