A mow of support from Erddig

Press release
NHS mowed into the lawn at Erddig, Wrexham
Published : 21 May 2020

While Erddig is closed, National Trust staff are working hard to look after the house, collections and gardens, including Head Gardener Glyn Smith who has taking mowing to another level.

Glyn has been the Head Gardener at Erddig for 34 years and this spring sees him going above and beyond to care for the gardens during lockdown. 

In April he began the mammoth task of pruning the iconic pleached lime trees, a task that usually takes a group of staff and volunteers 10 weeks to complete. As well as caring for historic plants, other essential tasks include watering the important plant collections, weed control and mowing. 

The National Trust look after 1200 acres of the Erddig estate, including the 13.5 acre walled garden, therefore when it comes to mowing, it can be a challenging task – but that wasn’t going to stop Glyn from adding a finishing touch. 

To show his appreciation for key workers, Glyn has mowed a giant NHS across the lawn on the West Front of Erddig Hall, approximately 100 metres (the size of a football field). 

Head Gardener Glyn Smith mowing his support at Erddig
Head Gardener Glyn Smith mowing his support at Erddig, Wrexham
Head Gardener Glyn Smith mowing his support at Erddig

Glyn said “We are very grateful for everything that the NHS are doing in Wrexham and beyond to keep our communities safe. I have been clapping every Thursday night, but as we are quite rural, no one could hear me, so I thought I would shout out for our NHS, carers and essential workers with this more visual appreciation.”

Now that Glyn has established the lettering, he hopes to keep up the mowing regime every week to continue showing his support, and from all those at Erddig. 

Jamie Watson, General Manager at Erddig added

“All of us at Erddig are very grateful for the efforts our key workers are doing during these times and hope that Glyn’s message brings people a little joy and hope. We look forward to welcoming you back when it’s safe to do so.”

“We really are missing our Erddig garden lovers and hope to see you again soon.” Glyn adds