National Trust response to the government's fracking announcement

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Published : 02 Nov 2019

Patrick Begg, the National Trust’s Director of Outdoors and Natural Resources, responds to the government's announcement that it is to ban fracking in England.

He said: “Halting fracking at this point in time is a sensible decision. With continued concerns around the local impact of fracking, an evidence-led approach is vital to safeguarding our environment. The urgent need to put the UK on course to net zero emissions also makes it increasingly challenging to see how fracking can play a part in the UK’s energy mix.
“A 2014 evidence review we helped to produce showed that a UK fracking industry could pose significant risks to landscapes and the natural environment. So for some years now we've been calling for much stronger safeguards than have been put in place. In light of the Oil and Gas Authority’s report, which found that it is not currently possible to accurately predict the probability or magnitude of earthquakes linked to fracking operations, we welcome the government’s decision.”