Our statement regarding access at Giant's Causeway

Press release
View of the Giant's Causeway
Published : 09 Aug 2018

Our statement is below:

We do not charge – and have no intention of ever charging people who only want to walk along the public right of way at the Giant’s Causeway. We welcome hundreds of thousands of paying customers to our visitor centre every year but also respect people’s right to use the public right of way which is free. That has not changed and will not change.
The current investigation into public rights of way at the Causeway was initiated by the Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council.  The Trust did not call for this investigation.  Indeed, the Trust took steps at its own cost to ensure that the public right of way was formally noted with Land  Registry. 
We are a charity that was founded on the principles of looking after places of natural beauty and to ensure people can enjoy access to them. That drives everything we do.