Our statement regarding wild boars at Stourhead

Press release
The Pantheon seen from across the lake in the winter at Stourhead, Wiltshire
Published : 19 Nov 2018

“Following recent reports of an unlicensed reintroduction of wild boar on land adjacent to the Stourhead Estate and several reports of members of the public being confronted and intimidated, we have taken the difficult decision to remove the animals from the estate.

"We only made this decision after considering the alternatives and after consulting with Natural England. Unfortunately, there are some instances where humane control is necessary – for instance where there are safety concerns for our visitors, staff or volunteers; or to protect other species or habitats. We never take this decision lightly.

"Any cull of wild boar will be carried out by an experienced and licensed marksman who conforms to National Trust standards of safety and animal welfare."