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Homemade scones
Published : 31 Mar 2016 Last update : 01 Apr 2016

Many National Trust employees love their jobs, but not many of them are prepared to change their names to prove it.

After six years as head chef at the National Trust’s Fewlem Hall in Rutland one man has seen so many scones he’s changed his name to Sconey McSconeface in honour of his favourite bake.

Sconey, who until he changed his name by deed poll was known as Colin Heelis, claims he can think of no better way of celebrating the cakes he creates for the National Trust.

Sconey's bakes ready for the oven
Scones ready to go into the oven
Sconey's bakes ready for the oven

“I’ve always loved scones” said Mr McSconeface “So getting to work here at Fewlem Hall was a dream come true. Over the last six years I’ve made thousands of them, so this seemed like the best way to show just how much I like scones”

Chamber pots

Sconey has been sponsored to change his name by some of the regular visitors to Fewlam and has raised almost £5,000 which will be used to conserve the Hall's rare collection of Jacobean chamber pots.

Fewlem Hall, where Sconey McSconeface plies his trade
The neo-classical Fewlem Hall
Fewlem Hall, where Sconey McSconeface plies his trade

Award Winning Flavours

Alongside traditional fruit and plain scones McSconeface has introduced new and unusual flavours including Courgette, Kiwi and Lime and his award-winning Pheasant Tikka scone.

Fewlem Hall sells more than a thousand of Mr Sconeface’s creations every week with the money paid in the tearoom contributing to the upkeep of the Georgian building and landscape.

General Manager of Fewlem Hall, Mrs Avril Prime, says she’s very proud of Sconey and his work for the Trust.
“Sconey has worked here for six years and loves his job, so this seems like a perfectly natural thing for him to do.”

" The only trouble is we can’t seem to agree on a pronunciation. Is it Scowney or Sconny. Some people are even pronouncing his first and second names differently."
- Avril Prime, General Manger Fewlem Hall

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