Meet the Team: Anna Jukes (Operations Manager)

Anna Jukes- Ops Manager

In June, we welcomed Anna Jukes to the Roundhouse Birmingham team as our new Operations Manager. After a busy first month we thought it was time to do a little Q & A to get to know her better!

1) Tell us about yourself and your role...

Hi, so I’m Anna, and I have joined Team Roundhouse as the Operations Manager. I’ll be looking after all things operational, from delivering programmed events, coordinating maintenance and upkeep, building relationships with our tenants, and working with the wonderful members of the Roundhouse Team.

2)  So you’ve been a part of the Roundhouse Birmingham team for a month, give us your first impressions…

Everyone is really welcoming and friendly. Working with both the National Trust and the Canal & River Trust, alongside the Roundhouse Team, I’m learning a huge amount, and soaking up as much expertise as I can from these diverse and unique charitable organisations.

3)  You’re part of a team that will bring new life to a place in the city. What’s your favourite, or most inspiring, place that you’ve visited?

When hiking in northern Thailand, we came across a waterfall hidden deep in the rainforest. The water was so refreshing and calming with the light flooding through; such a contrast to the dark tree canopy we were walking through. I loved finding such an unexpected peaceful sanctuary amongst the crowded weight of the surrounding environment. I hope visitors feel this sense of respite when visiting the Roundhouse and surrounding canal side areas.

4) What are you most looking forward to working on with the team?

I’m really excited to see the building go through the final stages of renovation and get it open to the public. It’s a beautiful space, with some really exciting visitor offerings, and as a team we’re going to make it the best it can be for everyone.

5) What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

Eating, sleeping and spending time with friends! I am really enjoying living in Birmingham with the huge range of restaurants – and I’m slowly working my way round the coffee shops too!

6) Some quick fire questions:

  • Favourite book?

To Kill a Mockingbird. I loved Scout’s strong and independent character at a time when girls and women were not expected to show that.

  • Favourite film?

Love Actually I can watch over and over again, but of course only at Christmas

  • Are you a morning person or evening person?

Evening person – I love my sleep too much to be a morning person!

  • Which superpower would you have, given the chance?

The power to mind read

  • IOS or Android?


  • Cats or Dogs?


  • Favourite food?

Jacket potato

  • Monopoly or Chess?

Neither – Monopoly can get too intense, and Chess is too long. I’m more of a Cranium kinda gal!

  • Favourite TV show?

I could watch Friends over and over and over

  • Summer or Winter?

Can I say Spring? If not, I’d have to say Winter – I’m much better in the cold than I am in the heat!

  • Tea or Coffee?


7) Last one! You’re new to Birmingham, what’s your favourite thing about the city so far?

I love being by the canal – the water is so calming, and everyone seems so happy walking or cycling along the tow path.