Meet the Team: Keith Wraight (Active Outdoors Development Officer)

Keith Wraight: Roundhouse Active Outdoors Development Officer

In May, Keith joined the Roundhouse Birmingham team to start his role as our new Active Outdoors Development Officer. We thought it was about time we got to know him a little better!

1) Tell us about yourself and your role…

For the past few years I’ve been a regular part of the Roundhouse’s test programming and some of you will have been on one of my kayak tours; now I’m looking to expand this provision and turn the Roundhouse into a hive of activity. As part of the National Trust’s Active Outdoors team I’ll be expanding the programme of outdoor activities that visitors can take part in whilst visiting or passing through the Roundhouse; a lot is still in development but whatever actually turns into reality will be very exciting!!

2) So you’ve been a part of the Roundhouse Birmingham team for a month, give us your first impressions…

WOW! The Roundhouse team is only 3 people during this development phase but it’s part of an amazing larger blended family of the National Trust and the Canal & River Trust. And it’s amazing to see how the community are involved in shaping the Roundhouse into what it will be.

3) You’re part of a team that will bring new life to a place in the city. What’s your favourite, or most inspiring, place that you’ve visited?

What a tricky question; I’ve been to quite a few places on my travels but I think my favourite has to be, and I may be cheating on this by not saying one place and it may sound very cheesy; but I think my most inspiring place to be has to be any green space – especially in the city. I really enjoy seeing people enjoying fresh air and spending that time with friends and family. That being said, I also enjoy time in remote outdoor places – a favourite memory has to be waking up on the top of a mountain at sunrise.

4) What are you most looking forward to working on with the team?

I first became involved in the Roundhouse 4 years ago and I really can’t wait to see what the finished product looks like!

5) Some quick fire questions:

  • Favourite book?

           Anything non-fiction and funny

  • Favourite film?

    In this day of downloads it easy to not have a favourite but I do enjoy a good Indiana Jones film!!

  • Which superpower would you have, given the chance?


  • IOS or Android?

    IOS – when it works

  • Cats or Dogs?

    Dogs, My dog Ruby can’t wait to meet the team!!

  • Favourite food?

    Currently it’s got to be anything BBQ’d!!

  • Monopoly or Chess?


  • Favourite TV show?

    Gold Rush!

  • Summer or Winter?

    Summer – Flip Flops and Shorts!!

6) Last One! What active outdoors activity do you enjoy the most and why?

I’m sure everyone will think it will be a water sport but I’m really enjoying my cycling at the moment, using it to commute, to get a bit fitter and a bit of escapism.