Meet the Team: Olive Amos (Roundhouse Creative Intern)

Roundhouse creative intern Olive working with the Canal and River Trust on their Greener Birmingham Project

Last month, Olive Amos joined the Roundhouse Birmingham team on a twelve month creative internship. We gave the newest member of the team a gentle grilling to get to know her a bit better...

1) Tell us about yourself and your role…

I’m a recent graduate of Birmingham City University where I studied Design for Theatre, Performance and Events which I absolutely loved. I’m a really crafty/creative person so love getting hands on with projects. My role at Roundhouse Birmingham is to assist in developing the visitor offer but the role is quite varied and over the next year I’ll be doing a range of things such as working with volunteers, planning social media and maybe even giving some tours.

2)   So you’ve been a part of the Roundhouse Birmingham team for a month, give us your first impressions… (be nice).

This first month has gone so quickly! Everyone who I’ve met over the last month that is involved with the project has been very welcoming and so I already feel a part of the team.

3) You’re part of a team that will bring new life to a place in the city. What’s your favourite, or most inspiring, place that you’ve visited?

This is going to sound extremely geeky but the most inspiring place I’ve visited is the Harry Potter Studios. I was in absolute awe when walking around the sets and seeing all the costumes & props up close and reading how the designers found their inspiration and influences. Walking into the white card model room was incredible and gave me so much motivation going into my final year of university.

4) What are you most looking forward to working on with the team in 2019?

Everything really, but I’m looking forward to (hopefully) finding out some really interesting things about the Roundhouse and Birmingham over the next few months and then being able to translate that information into so some exciting activities and events!

5) Some quick fire questions:

• Favourite book?

The Hunger Games books

• Favourite song?

This changes quite regularly, but at the moment the reimagined version of The Greatest Show by Panic at the Disco! 

 Favourite film?

Bridesmaids – I can quote that film back to front.

• Which superpower would you have, given the chance? 

I think invisibility would be a great superpower.

• Favourite artist or designer?

Es Devlin. She is such a diverse stage designer, I find her work really interesing.

Favourite food?

This is a tough one but probably steak and chips with a peppercorn sauce.

• Halloween or Valentine’s Day

 Halloween- I love any excuse for fancy dress!

• IOS or Android?

Android all the way.

• Monopoly or chess?

No idea how to play chess, so monopoly.

Pepsi or Coca-Cola?

Coca- Cola

Summer or winter?

Definitely summer

Text or phone calls?


6) Last one! What’s your new year’s resolution?

I have a ‘Draw Everyday’ book so my new year’s resolution is to attempt to do 1 little drawing every day so I don’t lose any of my skills and also to read more books.