Autumn Gardens

Rufford Old Hall autumn landscape image

Autumn is a special time in the gardens at Rufford. You can see the turn of the leaves in the woodland and small autumnal delights dotted round the gardens.

Autumn is the time of year when Rufford’s orchards become laden with fruit. Our orchards boast a wide variety of traditional English apples and we have pears growing in the Courtyard. For a small donation you could be lucky enough to take home some of our home grown produce from our Orchards!

A quirky tip for all gardeners from David, our Gardener in Charge, is to put tights around the fruit as it grows throughout the summer to stop any pesky wasps eating them!

One of our gardener volunteers taking care of the pear tree
Rufford Old Hall volunteer gardener with pear tree

Mind your feet as you wander around the grounds and keep a look out for the delightful Autumn Crocus!

Autumn Crocus, a small delight
Rufford Old Hall Autumn Crocus

A highlight of Autumn is the stunning Virginia Creeper in the Courtyard. The leaves turn from a deep green to a fiery red in a matter of days. Why not take a seat outside the Tearoom surrounded by autumnal colour and enjoy a warming hot drink? This display only lasts a few weeks before the vines drop their leaves completely for the winter, so make sure you don’t miss it!

Fiery Virginia Creeper in the Courtyard
Rufford Old Hall Virginia Creeper