Summer Splendour

Rufford Old Hall Topiary Image

There’s nothing quite like Rufford Old Hall’s beautiful gardens in Summer.

As you come down the drive you are welcomed by the array of vibrant colours in our wildflower border.

Entering the garden through the Courtyard, the minty scent from the Nepeta rises in the Summer air and the variety of pastel coloured Roses are stunningly beautiful with a backdrop of blue Wisteria. 

A cascade of Wisteria in full bloom
Rufford Old Hall Wisteria

Squirrel Border, named due to the carefully pruned topiary at the end of the border, is a sea of colour and creates the perfect atmosphere for a picnic. The South Lawn provides the perfect place to relax and unwind, whilst the Orchard Paddock is a great place to enjoy some outdoor fun with sports and games to be enjoyed by all the family.

Squirrel topiary lovingly cared for by our head gardener
Rufford Old Hall Topiary Image

If you venture into the North Paddock alongside the canal you may see a Marsh Orchid, known for its vibrant shade of purple, peeking out amongst the grass.

Find a beautiful Marsh Orchid on the North Paddock
Rufford Old Hall Marsh Orchid