Five outdoor activities you can do this May half-term

Kite flying in the garden at Rufford Old Hall, Lancashire

As the May half-term arrives, it's the perfect time to venture outdoors and find new ways to get your blood pumping. Here at Rufford Old Hall, we have lots of outdoor activities you can take part in that the whole family can enjoy, including the chance to tick off your '50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾' list.

From our free balance bikes, perfect for teaching your kids how to ride, to a range of walks through and around our grounds, there is a new experience to be had every time you visit us. But don't worry if you're stuck for ideas... here are some great outdoors activities we have planned for you this May half-term.

A game of quick cricket gets underway
Quick cricket on Rufford Old Hall's paddock
A game of quick cricket gets underway

1. Sports on the Paddock

Saturday 25 June - Sunday 2 June, all day

Get stuck in to quick cricket, tennis, rounders and croquet with our free sports box on the Orchard Paddock. Have a rummage and see which game takes your fancy, before you set up and play to your hearts content. When you're getting tired, take a breather on one of our picnic tables (or head to our Victorian Tea Room) and treat yourself to an energy-boosting snack before the next round begins.

Getting ready to garden
Child in wellies choosing gardening gloves by a strawberry bed
Getting ready to garden

2. Plant it, Grow it, See it

Tuesday 28 May, 1pm-3pm

Get your wellies on and prepare to get your hands dirty as you join our garden team to plant some seeds. You can even take a few home and watch them grow! This is not only a great way of stretching your arms and legs, but you can also exercise your mind as you learn lots of fascinating plant facts. Who knows... you could be an expert grower in no time!

Children flying kites at Rufford Old Hall
Children running flying kites on the lawn at Rufford Old Hall
Children flying kites at Rufford Old Hall

3. Make and fly a kite

Thursday 30 May, 1pm-3pm

Whip out those dusty old kites from the attic and bring them along to our paddock. There's lots of space to run about and see how far you can make your kite fly. Don't have one? Join us for a special session on Thursday 30 May, where you can buy a kite-making kit from our reception for just £2 and get in on the action yourself.

Lawns make the perfect place to try going barefoot
Mother and young daughter walking barefoot on a lawn
Lawns make the perfect place to try going barefoot

4. Barefoot walking

Friday 31 May & Saturday 1 June, 12pm-4pm

Kick off your shoes and try our sensory walking trail in the paddock. Stretch out your toes and feel the soft grass beneath your feet. Why not bring along a friend, or even make some new ones, as you take in the peaceful setting of Rufford Old Hall.

Children riding balance bikes in the woods
Children riding balance bikes in the woods
Children riding balance bikes in the woods

5. Balance bikes

Every day, 11am-5pm

Will you be able to keep up with your children once they have learnt to cycle? Come along to Rufford Old Hall and borrow one of our free balance bikes – the perfect way to help your budding cyclists learn how to ride, in beautiful, traffic free surroundings. No need to book. Just turn up, grab a balance bike and helmet from our Reception and get going.

Children den-building in the woods

'50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾'

Rufford Old Hall is one of the best places to build a den, but you can also go birdwatching and bug hunting. Come and marvel at our busy beehives or see how many different birds you can spot along the canal. If you’re very lucky you might even see a rare red squirrel!