Nature Trail at Rufford Old Hall

Walking trail

At Rufford Old Hall we take care of all sorts of wildlife. See if you can spot some of the nature in our gardens by following our interactive trail!

Peacock Butterfly





Can you spot a Dragonfly or a Damselfly flying next to the canal? They like to be near water such as ponds, rivers or canals.

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Wildlife at Coughton Court, Warwickshire


Can you spot a Ladybird in the Squirrel border? Ladybirds are particularly welcome in our gardens are they help keep away pests. They eat aphids and mites and so keep our beautiful flowers healthy.

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A ladybird in the garden at Mompesson


Have you seen one these whilst exploring our gardens? Caterpillars tend to hide underneath leaves in the shade.

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A caterpillar in the garden at Woolsthorpe Manor, Lincolnshire


Bees are a constant hum in the background of Rufford's gardens. If you can't spot one, then maybe you can hear them!

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Bee on an elderflower


Which creature have you spotted turns into one of these stunning Butterflies?

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Peacock Butterfly


Can you spot any Swans? These graceful birds have resided on the canal for years and are especially enchanting in the Spring when there are baby Cygnets to spot too!

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Swan at The Vyne, Hampshire


Don't forget to look up whilst hunting for wildlife! We have had sightings of the rare Red Squirrel here at Rufford, maybe you can help us spot one!

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A red squirrel in trees.


On the opposite side of the canal there is some farmland which is the home to some sheep. Can you spot any today?

Flock of sheep



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Nature Trail at Rufford Old Hall

How to get here

200 Liverpool Road Rufford L40 1SG
By road

Start in the Courtyard and follow the paths around the formal gardens up towards the Church via Beech Walk. Take a left towards the Canal and see if you can spot any Swans or Ducks on your way. Walk through the car park alongside the canal towards the woodland. Turn left as you reach the North Paddock and walk back towards the House and driveway. You will ave completed the 1 mile loop of the property.

Nature Trail at Rufford Old Hall

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