Selborne Common

Selborne Common in spring

Discover the magnificent beech woods and flower-filled meadows that inspired Gilbert White

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Wood Pond, Selborne Common, Hampshire

Things to see at Selborne Common 

We look after 267 acres countryside around Selborne. Selborne Common lies on the west of the village, while the valley meadows and woodland of the Lythes lies beyone St. Mary's Church in the east.

Silver-washed Fritillary butterfly

Selborne Common and The Lythe butterfly walk 

The sun-dappled beech woodlands and meadows of Selborne common attract hosts of butterflies in summer. Look out for silver-washed fritillaries and orange tips flitting across the glades. You may even spot a purple emperor as you stroll up the zig-zag hill.

Two dogs in the snow

Walking your dog on the Commons 

Responsible dog owners are welcome at Ludshott Commons and Selborne Common. To make sure that you have a safe and enjoyable visit please follow our handy guide.

Selborne Common


Selborne Common in spring

Wildlife at Selborne Common 

Selborne Common and the Lythes are rich in woodland species, small mammals like shrews, large mammals like badgers, and lots of butterflies.