Spring flowers

Follow the footpath from the car park at Shaugh Bridge for views over the Dewerstone and the first flowering signs of spring on West Down

Lesser celandine, Devon

Lesser celandine

This flower just makes you want to smile ... It's one of the first spring plants to flower each year. With its shiny yellow flowers and heart-shaped dark green leaves, the lesser celandine's a joy to see. The star-like flower has eight to twelve petals and flowers from January to April.

Common dog violet, Devon

Common dog violet

This widespread plant can be found in many different habitats across the country. Although unscented, the Common dog violet has very pretty purple flowers and dark green heart-shaped leaves. It can be found in woodlands, on open moorland and hedgebanks - anywhere it isn't too wet.

Wood sorrel, Devon

Wood Sorrel

This woodland plant grows in clumps of pale green leaves (consisting of three heart-shaped leaflets) which fold up at night. They come into bloom around April / May and have delicate, cup-shaped, white flowers with purple veins.