Local area study for KS3 at Sutton House

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Sutton House is a great place to bring KS3 classes to investigate the local area history and geographical changes, looking at primary and secondary sources, handling objects, and understanding the chronological context.

What do these workshops cover?

KS3 Curriculum links: History, Geography 

For our KS3 local area workshops you can choose for us to focus on geographical or historical changes, or both. All workshops include a tour of Sutton House focusing on the subject area, a worksheet, and a self-led investigative element. Worksheets have been developed with KS3 subject teachers. 

Geographical focused workshops help to develop your pupils understanding of location, understanding the physical and human changes of hackney through time. Pupils will have access to maps, data, and photographs. 

Historical focus local workshops help to develop chronological narratives, whilst deploying historical terms such as 'empire' and 'peasantry'  within the context of Hackney and London as a whole.

They will get the opportunity to look at primary sources, helping to understand continuity and change, cause and consequence, similarity, difference and significance. The tour encourages the pupils to look at how evidence has been used to make historical claims, and discern how and why contrasting arguments and interpretations of the past are contested. 

Booking information

We can cater for one class up to 30 Students at a time.

Workshops are usually 10:00am -12:00pm or 1:00pm-3:00pm, however we can work around your timetable. 

No bus parking on site, the nearest station is Hackney Central and buses stop nearby.

Lunch can be eaten on site, and children can play in the Breaker's Yard during their break.  

Please email katy.parry@nationaltrust.org.uk or call Katy on 0208 5259057 to make a booking. 


With a National Trust Educational Group Membership you can bring your class for free.