Things to see and do at the Chase

Common toad in a muddy puddle

The Chase nature reserve is situated next to the village of Woolton Hill just a few miles South West of Newbury.

Given to The National Trust by Sir Kenneth Swan in 1944, the Chase suffered terribly in the great storms of 1987 and 1990, losing enough trees to make it into the national newspapers.

The Chase that stands today is a beautiful mosaic of habitats found within its 143 acres. Predominantly made up of broadleaf and coniferous woodland interspersed with lades and rides with several streams cutting their way through the reserve to the lake in the east corner of The Chase.

The Chase has an area of wet woodland is made up of alder carr which we coppice on rotation, a meadow with an area of emerging heathland that can be found near the centre of The Chase, just a short walk from the car park off Station road.