Captain Strange and the Fan Bay Deep Shelter

Capt Strange is pictured with Major Huddlestone and Churchill outside Fan Bay

Visiting Fan Bay Deep Shelter has become even more exciting this year as a wartime leader of the tunnels has been brought to life by one volunteer...

The Fan Bay Deep Shelter was opened for the public in 2015. Since then it has been a place of intrigue for thousands of visitors, with many travelling from around the world to see this spectacular historical site. On selected days from March to October 2022; volunteer Gordon Wise will help bring the history of Fan Bay to life by sporting a replica costume of Captain Strange, the commander of the gun battery of which the tunnels are part during the Second World War. Gordon will talk to visitors at the entrance of the tunnel about Captain Strange’s story.

Who is Captain Strange?

Arthur Lionel Strange was born in Wolverhampton in 1920. He joined the army in 1938 and was commissioned as a second Lieutenant in 1941. Strange took command of Fan Bay Battery in August 1944 and was promoted to Captain, Temporary Major. He remained in command of Fan Bay until early 1945. The Fan Bay Deep Shelter was integral to British defences during the Second World War as the complex of tunnels provided accommodation for the gun battery above. As commander of these tunnels, Captain Strange played a significant part in British wartime coastal defence.

Captain Strange Brought to life

The White Cliffs benefit from the presence of Gordon Wise on these special dates as he provides invaluable knowledge of this historical character. The volunteers at Fan Bay are a great asset to the site and are key to what make the experience memorable. Now, with this lifelike homage to Captain Strange, the Fan Bay Shelter provides even more reason to make time to visit.

This experience is a ‘must’ for anyone with an interest in The Second World War or the history of Dover. Our volunteers are full of knowledge and enthusiasm to enlighten visitors on the stories that the tunnels reveal. Why not ask Captain Strange himself about his time in charge of Wartime Tunnels during one of Britain’s most significant years in history?

" We are thrilled to hear that Captain Strange lives on..."
- Donald Strange, eldest son of Captain Strange
Bringing history to life
Our Volunteer Gordon dressed as Captain Strange at the entrance to Fan Bay Deep Shelter
Bringing history to life

Meet Captain Strange!

Like the original state of the Fan Bay tunnels, Captain Strange seems somewhat forgotten and unknown. Fan Bay’s amazing renovation led to a rise in popularity and public knowledge to the site and its role in the world war. Gordon will continue this legacy by shedding light on the life and work of this vital figure from such a captivating site and period of time.

Gordon will be in replica costume at the entrance to the tunnels and visitors do not need to pay entry into the tunnels to meet him.

Captain Strange dates for 2022:

Thur 2nd Jun, Fri 3rd Jun, Sat 4th Jun, Sun 5th Jun

Sat 30th Jul, Sun 31st Jul

Sat 27th Aug, Sun 28th Aug, Mon 29th Aug

Sat 1st Oct, Sun 2nd Oct, Sat 29th Oct, Sun 30th Oct