Things to do

Get inspiration for activities to enjoy wherever you are and at our places. You won't be short of things to do, outdoors and indoors, as well as at home and in the garden

Children looking at insects at Bramshaw Commons, Hampshire
Pea and mint soup in a bowl with an infused mint oil drizzle on top

Vegetarian and vegan recipes  

We've got some delicious vegan and vegetarian snacks that are perfect for picnics. Mushroom and thyme rolls, coronation cauliflower and couscous salad and chocolate fudge cake are just some that you could try.

Garden adventures

Fell Foot Park, Cumbria

Summer family activities for every adventurer 

There are lots of summer family activities at places near you. We've got nature trails to keep the kids entertained, peaceful gardens to discover and outdoor games for sunny afternoons.

A summer pavilion of play and a lookout post

Let’s play this summer 

Ready for an adventure? Over the summer holidays you’ll find special pavilions of play at several places we look after, where little explorers can use the look-out point to survey their surroundings, listen out for nearby wildlife, or invent their own way to play.


How to care for your precious objects 

From wedding dresses and family photos to heirloom silver and porcelain, learn how to care for your most precious belongings with these handy guides compiled by our conservation experts.

More for families
Giants causeway bee box 9

How to build a bee box 

Bee populations have been dwindling in recent years and building homes is just one way of encouraging them to stick around. If you want to attract more bees into your garden, follow these steps to build your own bee box.

Things to do at home


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