Pick up a book and a blanket at Tredegar House

A girl lying back on the grass reading a book

Summer has well and truly arrived at Tredegar House. Secretive paths, open lawns and a rich tapestry of flowers provide the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

We’re encouraging you to relax in these tranquil surroundings by cosying up in the gardens and getting lost in a good book.  

We’ve left some of our comfiest blankets in Visitor Reception for you to pick up and while away the hazy summer days in the garden of your choice.

Stretch out on the Cedar Garden lawns
Two visitors lay back on a blanket in the Cedar Garden at Tredegar House
Stretch out on the Cedar Garden lawns

Immerse yourself in nature in the Orchard Garden and get stuck into a novel amongst the buzzing of the birds and the bees under the shade of an apple tree. Alternatively, stretch out on the Cedar Garden lawns and enjoy the warmth of the sun as it washes over you. The glorious colours of the herbaceous borders are sure to help fire up your imagination as you unearth a literary gem this summer.

Feel free to bring your own book or you can pick one up a well-worn page-turner from our second-hand bookshop. Books are priced between £1 and £3 and all proceeds from sales go back into helping us take care of Tredegar House for everyone to enjoy for generations to come.

Don’t forget to bring a picnic to keep you going during the long summer afternoons. We also have sweet treats, savoury snacks and ice creams available from the Brewhouse Tearooms or the Orchard Tea Hut and dining al fresco is wholeheartedly encouraged!

Be sure to pack a picnic or pick up a treat from the tearooms
A family having a picnic on the Cedar Garden lawns at Tredegar House
Be sure to pack a picnic or pick up a treat from the tearooms
Foxgloves in the Orchard Garden

7. Marvel at the blooms 

The three walled gardens at Tredegar House have blossomed into a showcase for all the senses. Listen to the birds and the bees buzzing in the Orchard Garden, kick back in a deck chair on the Cedar Garden lawn or admire the swirling parterres of the Orangery Garden.