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Exploring the parkland at Tredegar House

A family and their dog on a walk exploring the estate at Tredegar House, Wales
Family exploring the estate at Tredegar House, Wales | © National Trust Images/Aled Llywelyn

The parkland at Tredegar House is the perfect place for you to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Sweeping lawns, a serpentine lake and woodland are all waiting for you to explore and enjoy everything from a picnic, a run or a spot of hide and seek with the family.

Winter Highlights

Winter at Tredegar House brings a calming transformation to the parkland. Swap your regular shoes for sturdy winter boots and enjoy the crisp snow underfoot along the lakeside trail. The oak avenue, now bare, stretches from the 17th-century gates in the direction of Ruperra Castle, preserving the park's historical charm.

Wildlife enthusiasts, grab your bird books and binoculars; the winter lake hosts grebes, swans, moorhens, and ducks. Watch for swans, coots, herons, and the intriguing movements of underwater creatures. Locals track the winter progress of cygnets, adding to the seasonal allure.

Amidst the winter stillness, Sequoia redwoods stand tall, their spongy bark a prove interesting to the touch. Experience the magic of the seasonal sensory trail along the lakeside path as the parkland undergoes its winter transformation.

Things to see in the parkland

Oak avenue

Once there were seven oak avenues, splaying out from the mansion like the spokes of a wheel. The last remaining one stretches out from the 17th-century gates and over the crest of a hill towards Ruperra Castle – once a summer home of the Morgan family.


Bring your bird books and binoculars; our parkland is teeming with wildlife. The lake is a favourite spot for grebes, swans, moorhens and a whole community of ducks.

Keep an eye out for swans, coots and herons as well as a whole host of slippery underwater creatures in the lake. Swan watching is a popular pastime with locals who track the progress of the cygnets every year.

The parkland is ever changing as the seasons come and go throughout the year. Follow the lakeside path and immerse yourself in nature with our seasonal sensory trail.

Sequoia redwoods

Towering over the parkland, the redwoods are a regal reminder of a bygone majestic age. Don't forget to touch the bark; its spongy feel is a favourite with little ones and adults alike.

The parkland is ever changing as the seasons come and go throughout the year. Follow the lakeside path and immerse yourself in nature with our seasonal sensory trail.

Cygnets on the lake at Tredegar House, Newport
Cygnets on the lake at Tredegar House, Newport | © National Trust Images/John Millar

Help us look after the parkland

Please help us look after the parkland by following these simple rules:

Please don’t fish in the lake

We’re committed to conserving the ecology of the lake and looking after all the wildlife who’ve made it their home. Fishing bait and discarded hooks and lines pose a significant threat to our wildlife.

No barbecues please

We welcome picnics, but barbecues pose a fire risk. They can cause significant damage to the grassland and picnic tables, so please don’t bring portable barbecues to the park. There are plenty of places to enjoy an al fresco picnic. Don’t forget to take your litter home or throw it in the bins provided on the parkland.

Please use the car park

There is ample parking at the entrance to the mansion for house, gardens and park visitors. Please don’t park anywhere else on site.

A view from the banks of the Lake at Tredegar House, Newport, looking through foliage and across towards the Boathouse.
The Lake and boathouse at Tredegar House | © National Trust Images/Andrew Butler

Top tips for a great day out

Make sure you're wearing appropriate footwear for your adventures. Whatever the weather, you may find yourself in muddy and uneven territory when you wander through the park.

Enjoy a woodland walk, but take care where the ground’s uneven and there are exposed tree roots.

Helping wildlife to thrive

During the summer months, we help wildlife thrive by letting the grass grow long in some areas to provide natural habitats. Some of the little critters may bite or sting, so please take care.

Supervising children

We all know little ones love to explore, so please always supervise children, particularly in the play areas. Some children are more adventurous than others, and only you know the abilities and limitations of your own children and those in your care. Please familiarise yourself with the play area and keep an eye on them while they play.

Take care around water

There are several large bodies of water in our parkland. Although they may look enticing, they are also dangerous. Always take care around water. Swimming is not permitted in the lakes and ponds.

Adverse weather

Poor weather may cause some debris to fall from trees and buildings, so please think about what's above you and consider the risks when you're out for your walk.

During high winds or adverse weather, we may close the parkland to keep everyone safe. This will be communicated with signs on site and through our website and social media channels.

A view of the north-west front of Tredegar House, Newport, from outside its decorative black-and-gold-painted wrought-iron gates.

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