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Young people invited to write Letter to Tomorrow in support of climate action this Great Big Green Week

The nature trail through Sedge Fen at Wicken Fen
The nature trail through Sedge Fen at Wicken Fen | © National Trust Images / Mike Selby

Wicken Fen is one of ten National Trust properties partnering with Save the Children UK to host a series of events that will highlight children and young people’s experiences of the impacts of the climate crisis and amplify their voices in calls for change. From Saturday 10 to Sunday 18 June young people and their families are invited to write a Letter to Tomorrow, explaining their hopes for the future, at Wicken Fen in Cambridgeshire.

The Great Big Green Week’s Letters to Tomorrow initiative, asks members of the public to write a letter to their future selves or loved ones, outlining what they love and wish to protect from the impacts of climate change as well as the fears of what life could be like if we don’t take action right now.

The letters, which will be sent to leading politicians, will act as a much-needed demonstration to the country and the Government that people of all ages are united in their wish to protect nature and to stop climate harm.

Chris White, Programming and Partnerships Officer at the National Trust’s Wicken Fen said:

“Letter to Tomorrow events have been developed by young people to provide a platform for children and youth voices to be heard.

“We’re inviting people to join us in our family discovery area at Wicken Fen to write a Letter to Tomorrow, to explain their hopes for the future if our leaders step up to protect the environment – and fears about what life could be like if we don’t act now.

“Together, this will show that we are willing and ready to make the changes needed to protect children and our planet.”

Organised by The Climate Coalition for the third time since its pilot in 2021, Great Big Green Week will take place from the 10th to the 18th June, providing an arena for thousands of communities across the country to voice their views on climate change, speak up on behalf of nature and call for urgent action after decades of damage have pushed the environment to the brink.

This year, Great Big Green Week particularly calls on the Government to:

  1. Keep people warm each winter by rapidly expanding home upgrades, moving away from fossil fuels towards cheaper and cleaner renewables and providing financial support to households in need.
  2. Support the people hit hardest by floods, droughts and other climate disasters around the world by ensuring the necessary financial support is delivered.
  3. Protect and restore our natural world to help Save Our Wild Isles for the benefit of everyone.
  4. Support local initiatives to help communities reduce emissions, protect and restore nature, and support local people in the transition away from fossil fuels.

Patrick Begg, Director of Outdoors and Natural Resources for the National Trust said:

“Working in partnership with Save the Children UK, this Great Big Green Week presents a unique opportunity to empower young people and their families to speak up for nature at a time when it needs it more than ever before.

“Many places in our care are popular destinations for families to visit on their days out, and writing their Letters to Tomorrow gives them a say on the urgent action we need to combat climate change, whether that is in places like the Arctic, in developing countries, or right here at home in the UK.

“As a conservation charity we are determined to do everything we can to tackle the climate and nature crises through initiatives like restoring peatlands, heathlands and flood plains; planting and establishing millions of trees and creating new wildflower meadows. Everyone, everywhere can play their part. We are at a critical point - and it is vital that businesses, our leaders and every one of us takes action now.”

Annabel Fenn, Head of UK Influencing on Climate & Inequality at Save the Children UK said:

“We’re excited to be partnering with the National Trust this Great Big Green Week. Together, our organisations have a shared understanding that the biggest threat to nature and children’s futures is the climate crisis.

“The world’s climate is changing and having a direct impact on people and the natural world, and these impacts are disproportionately felt by children. Children and young people deserve better, and they expect more from the leaders in charge. Now is the time for action.

“The Letters to Tomorrow activity taking place across National Trust sites have been designed by our own Youth Advisory Board, who are passionate about making sure children and young people’s voices are heard.

“We encourage all who are interested, to join us at their local National Trust site to pen their own Letter to Tomorrow.”

A full list of all National Trust sites hosting events is available at National Trust x Save the Children – Letters to Tomorrow - Great Big Green Week