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Allen Banks and Staward Gorge Closure

Landslip covering path at Allen Banks & Staward Gorge
Landslip covering path at Allen Banks & Staward Gorge | © Rebecca Hetherington

Constant rain has caused a landslip at Allen Banks and Staward Gorge, closing the site for the next few months. The closure includes the car park and toilets and visitors are asked to seek alternative walks.

Further landslips likely

While the landslip has caused some immediate damage including making a footpath impassable, the larger issue is that the ground is so wet and with rain still falling, there is a high risk of further landslips, rock fall and tree fall.

With the whole site so unstable and the repairs only possible by hand due to the nature of the landscape, time is needed to allow the area to dry out and visitors are asked to walk elsewhere until the site is safe again.

It’s impossible to predict when or where the next landslip will happen, but it is more likely when the ground is saturated. This means a closure is necessary to protect both public safety and the site from further damage.

We know that Allen Banks is very popular with walkers, but we ask everyone to find an alternative place to walk while landslips continue to pose a risk.

Alternative walks can be found at nearby Hadrian’s Wall and Housesteads Fort, plus Gibside and Wallington and we’ll re-open as soon as it is safe to do so.

Tackling climate change

While we're already helping tackle the causes and effects of extreme weather events, as well as identifying future risks, climate change remains the biggest threat to the coastline, countryside and historic buildings we care for.

Huge rainfall figures at the end of 2023 and the persistent rain since has caused water levels to rise across much of the country.

Our job is, and always will be, to protect and care for places so people and nature can thrive. Climate change is one of the greatest threats to the precious landscapes we care for and the National Trust is having to adapt to these changing weather patterns and working hard to address the resulting biodiversity loss / damage.

Sadly, these sorts of events are becoming more frequent, which means difficult decisions are having to be made more often too.

Updates will be shared via the Allen Banks and Staward Gorge Facebook page and on the website.