Autumn in the garden at Waddesdon

South fountain with a background of autumnal trees at Waddesdon Manor, Buckinghamshire

Autumn is a beautiful time of year to see the gardens at Waddesdon. The trees turn different shades of red, yellow and gold and fallen leaves create carpets of colour across the ground.

The gardens look totally different throughout the seasons and autumn is a wonderful time to visit. Conkers are scattered across the ground, fallen leaves pile up and create blankets of colour and if you look closely you can spot autumn wildlife in the gardens


Glimpse the gardens on film

Find out more about the gardens at Waddesdon Manor, first conceived by Ferdinand de Rothschild and extended by Alice de Rothschild.

Events in the garden this autumn

Autumn in the garden at Waddesdon

South side of Waddesdon Manor viewed through autumnal trees

Autumn comes to the gardens 

Discover the explosion of gold, red and yellow hues around the grounds. Take a last look at the beautiful sculptures before they are wrapped for the winter.

A group of volunteers stand in front of the Manor at Waddesdon

Become a garden volunteer 

Do you love gardening? Have you ever thought about volunteering to help out in the garden at Waddesdon? We have over 300 volunteers who help us in all areas of the property and we welcome more.