50 things to do before you're 11¾ at Waddesdon Manor

After normal admission at the Welcome Pavilion pick up your free 50 things to do before you're 11¾ guide and start your outdoor adventure. Here are some self-led activities you can do in the gardens.

Family discover a den built on the Natural Play trail at Box Hill, Surrey.

No.4 build a den

Have a go at building a den in our Woodland playground. Start by leaning sticks against a low tree branch like a wig-wam.

Bug hunting at Waddesdon

No.31 make friends with a bug

Take a closer look at bugs you see, what colour are they? Are they big or small? Do they have a pattern? Remember to be gentle if you pick them up, and put them back where you found them.

50 things girl making daisy chain

No.16 wear a wild crown

Create a crown using natural materials. Collect flowers, feathers and twigs and make accessories fit for royalty.

Visitors with umbrellas in the garden at Bateman's, East Sussex.

No.6 go welly wandering 

Rain can be really fun, so pull on your wellies and splash through the puddles. Look at how it falls from the sky in long silver ropes. Can you hear it tapping on the hood of your mac?

A family enjoying 50 things to do before you're 11 3/4

No.12 have fun with sticks

Head to Miss Alice's Drive and Baron's Walk and pick up sticks or fallen leaves. Will you make tools or create games and trails with them? Make sure you don't pick any living trees or plants.

Girl and boy gingerly walking across rocks looking at floor

No.34 discover wild animal clues

Head to our woodland walk or woodland playground and see if you can a find wild animal clues, from footprints to feathers. Keep a close look out for little paw prints, holes or burrows and other clues on the ground.

A young girl at the 2014 Dunstable Kite Festival, on the Dunstable Downs, Bedfordshire.

No.7 fly a kite

Enjoy a windy day by flying your kite on the North Front. Top tip - look up to check nothing will get in the way before you begin to fly. How long can you keep your kite in the air for?

Girl in field looking through binoculars

No.44 watch a bird

Keep your eyes peeled for wild birds, from small blue tits to giant red kites. Don't forget you can also watch and listen to the birds call in our Aviary, some of which are quite rare.

Girl walking through the mud in her wellies

No.13 make a mud creation

It's time to get your hands dirty! What can you create using mud, sticks and leaves down Miss Alice's Drive? Make sure to give your hands a good wash afterwards.

Toddler standing in snow

No.15 go on a wintery adventure

Keep your fingers crossed for snow this year. Come and enjoy it throughout the gardens. Try making a snow sculpture of an animal instead of a snowman or take a moment to see how different everything looks under the layer of white.

A family having tea whilst their baby sleeps at one of the National Trust cafés

Useful info for grown-ups with children

We have baby changing and feeding facilities at both the Manor and the Stables, and both our restaurants have children's menus.

A group of friends enjoying a picnic

Can I bring a picnic? 

We have some great areas in the grounds to enjoy a picnic. Head past the Aviary on the way to the Rose garden and lay your blanket under the shade of the trees. Or you can use one of the picnic tables near the bottom of our woodland playground.