Things to see and do

View of Scafell Pike

Climbing Scafell Pike - Planning and preparation 

We want your adventure on Scafell Pike to be remembered for all the right reasons. Here you will find some advice about preparing and planning your trip.


Our work

Wasdale Head from the foot of Kirk Fell. Ancient stone walls enclose the fields in the foreground. A contrail streaks across the sky.

We're building new public toilets in Wasdale 

Wasdale is where you'll find England’s highest mountain, its deepest lake and a beautiful, natural environment. Over a quarter of a million people visit this remote valley in the west of the Lake District National Park - now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. That's why we're building new toilets at Wasdale Head and Lake Head.


Get involved

Group of volunteers by the river bank

Wasdale Volunteer Ranger - River Irt 

Make new friends, learn about the River Irt, its ecology and habitats and the endangered Fresh Water Mussels which live there.


Places to stay

Places to stay in Wasdale