The Scafell massif clothed in its winter robes

Things to see and do

Snow settles on the screes of Illgill Head, tumbling down into Wastwater

Wasdale in Winter  

Refresh yourself in the stillness of Wasdale this winter: walk in the woods, climb the fells or just enjoy the view.

Wasdale in Autumn

Wasdale walks 

Recharge in the hamlet and valley of Wasdale


Our work

Wasdale Ranger lovingly restores historic woodland boundary

Working to protect the places you love 

We work on the footpaths, in the woodlands and in the valley- find out more


Get involved

Group of volunteers by the river bank

Wasdale Volunteer Ranger - River Irt 

Make new friends, learn about the River Irt, its ecology and habitats and the endangered Fresh Water Mussels which live there.


Places to stay

Places to stay in Wasdale