Scafell Pike - Restoring the summit cairn

The summit cairn - the large stone structure which marks the top of Scafell Pike, the highest point in England is crumbling. Our Rangers will be lugging camping kit and tools up the mountain to spend a few days rebuilding this iconic cairn which also holds the plaque marking England's highest war memorial.

After the end of WWI, the summit of Scafell Pike and surrounding land above the 2000ft contour line on the Scafell Massif was gifted to us by Lord Leconfield as a memorial to the men of the Lake District who fell in the Great War, so the cairn represents much more than England's roof top.

The restoration of the summit cairn is a massive undertaking for our Rangers and volunteers who will be camping out on the mountain top whilst the work is carried out during spring 2018. Alongside the rebuilding of the cairn, there will be extensive footpath restoration on both Scafell Pike and Great Gable to reduce the impact of thousands of pairs of feet and help protect the habitats of the rare plants found on the summits. We'll be capturing some of this on film and there will be ways you can get involved too.  

The work is likely to begin during the week commencing 8 May subject to weather conditions. Please keep visiting this page for further updates and if you'd like to support our work looking after the Lakes, you can donate through our Lakes appeal by clicking on the link below.

" This is a unique opportunity to both care for and repair Scafell Pike, one of the nation’s most iconic and valued outdoor places, whilst at the same time re-commemorating a unique war memorial. We could not do this work without our members and supporters, so let's not forget what these gifts represent and please help us ensure that future generations can continue to benefit."
- Sam Stalker, Lead Ranger for West Lakes
Views of Scafell Pike

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