By harnessing the power of water and also being careful what we use, the places we find special can stay beautiful for longer

Waterfall Hayburn Wyke
The Salmon leap on Sudbury Common Lands

Turning water into a conservation win 

Our first large hydro turbine has been switched on at a Snowdonia farm and is now helping to fund our conservation work.

Inside the hydro turbine building on the Castle Drogo estate

Castle Drogo's hydro turbine 

A hundred years after the story first began, Castle Drogo's hydro turbine has once again roared back to life. Fed by the River Teign, the expertly restored kit now produces enough green energy to power Drogo's visitor centre.

" Cutting-edge British renewable technology can transform the energy use of some our oldest buildings."
- Juliet Davenport, OBE, Founder and CEO of Good Energy
A well stocked kitchen garden at Tintinhull Garden in Somerset

How to save water in your garden 

Gardens need water to thrive, but it's not great for the environment if we waste bucket loads. This short film shows you what we're doing to save water, and gives you some tips on how you can adapt our techniques to make them work in your own garden.

We're using water in a number of ways at our places