By harnessing the power of water and also being careful what we use, the places we find special can stay beautiful for longer

The water wheel at Dunster Castle
Low water taps at Sheringham Park, Norfolk

Waste less water 

We use water everyday, without even thinking about it. We brush our teeth, boil the kettle, water plants and wash clothes. All of these little everyday tasks soon add up.

Turning water into a conservation win 

Our first large hydro turbine has been switched on at a Snowdonia farm and is now helping to fund our conservation work.

A well stocked kitchen garden at Tintinhull Garden in Somerset

How to save water in your garden 

Gardens need water to thrive, but it's not great for the environment if we waste bucket loads. This short film shows you what we're doing to save water, and gives you some tips on how you can adapt our techniques to make them work in your own garden.

" We first harnessed hydropower at Aberdulais in 1991, followed by Houghton Mill, Gibson Mill, Llanerchaeron, Fountains Mill and Bonfield Gill."
- National Trust Energy report, 2010
Two of the outboard motor boats available to hire at Crom

Places to stay by the water 

Fancy a watery break? Discover our range of campsites, outdoor centres and holiday cottages, all within a throw of the water’s edge.

We're using water in a number of ways at our places