By harnessing the power of water and also being careful what we use, the places we find special can stay beautiful for longer

Tranquil waterfall at Clumber Park
A team of volunteers working together to move a large log

Managing flood risk the natural way 

After the devastating Boxing Day floods of 2015, Yorkshire Water and a host of partners are working together to slow the flow of water along the Colne and Calder valley. The £2.6 million project will help reduce the flood risk to over 3,000 homes and businesses, and protect and nurture local wildlife.

River Derwent

Riverlands: how we keep our rivers flowing 

Rivers are the lifeblood of our landscapes, but now they’re in trouble – and so is the wildlife that depends on them. We’re determined to reverse this decline with an ambitious restoration project to bring our rivers, streams, brooks and becks flowing back to life.

Llyn Serw with yellow lilies on the Migneint, Snowdonia

Working towards a cleaner, healthier catchment  

Find out how are we working towards creating bigger, better more joined up habitats in the Upper Conwy, that benefit people and wildlife.

Hydro power at our places...

A view down the Greenburn valley looking south east

Greenburn Hydro Project 

Providing energy from water since the 15th century, the once industrial Greenburn valley in Little Langdale is now home to the Lake District's newest hydroelectric project. Discover the site's Stone Age history and find out how it will provide green energy for years to come.

Inside the hydro turbine building on the Castle Drogo estate

Castle Drogo's hydro turbine 

A hundred years after the story first began, Castle Drogo's hydro turbine has once again roared back to life. Fed by the River Teign, the expertly restored kit now produces enough green energy to power Drogo's visitor centre.

The Salmon leap on Sudbury Common Lands

Turning water into a conservation win 

Our first large hydro turbine has been switched on at a Snowdonia farm and is now helping to fund our conservation work.

  • The average person in the UK uses 150 litres of water a day
  • A toilet 'hippo' can save 1,460 litres in a year
  • Fixing a dripping tap can save 95 litres every day
Low water taps at Sheringham Park, Norfolk

Waste less water 

Our top water-saving tips will help you save on water use and energy bills.

Our cause

While we're passionate about open spaces and historic places, we're working hard in other areas too. We care about energy, the environment, food, farming, transport and heritage.