Wellbrook Beetling Mill

Important notice -

Wellbrook Beetling Mill continues to be closed. Our grounds have reopened for walkers to enjoy some of the wider countryside. All other facilities including Mill, car park and toilets remain closed.

Working water-powered mill used in the manufacture of linen

Wellbrook Beetling Mill



Inside Wellbrook Beetling Mill

In 2020 Wellbrook Beetling Mill celebrates 50 years since it first reopened to the public. Join Stephen Byrne, House Steward and Hilary McGrady, Director General for a fascinating tour inside this important piece of industrial heritage.

Explore Northern Ireland's last working water-powered linen beetling mill

The history of Wellbrook Beetling Mill 

Step back in time at Wellbrook Beetling Mill. Learn about the beetling process and discover the role the mill played in Ireland's linen history.