Learning opportunities at Witley and Milford Commons

A child bug hunting at Witley and Milford Commons

Our school and youth programmes bring to life the unique habitats and rich history of our places, here at Witley and Milford Commons, and across the south-west Surrey Hills.

The Witley Centre

The centre, with its dedicated classroom, is a great base for exploring the wonderful heath and woodland of Witley and Milford Commons. It has all the facilities you’ll need, including a bat box, underwater cameras and a smart board.
There are toilets and large sinks for washing little hands, and parking for coaches.
A full day is normally 10am to 2.30pm and a part day is for two hours.
  • Full day - £6 per student
  • Part day - £4.50 per student
We also welcome Educational Group Members at the following rates
  • Full day - £5.50 per student
  • Part day - £4.00 per student

For more information about Educational Group Membership see https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/features/educational-group-membership 


A few activities for your group

  • pond dipping
  • mini-beast hunt
  • den building
  • mapping and coordinates
  • nature trails
  • back pack trails
  • photography trails
  • plant and tree identification
  • habitat studies
  • conservation awareness
  • geological/human/conservation impact studies
  • historical investigations

How to book

Alan Taylor, our Community Learning Officer, will work with your school or organisation to deliver a bespoke experience, tailored to meet your curriculum objectives (Key Stages 1-4) in a way which will engage and challenge your group.
If you'd like more information or to book your school visit please email us.