Friends of Washington Old Hall

The seventeenth-century manor house, Washington Old Hall, Tyne & Wear

We care for Washington Old Hall with your support and we also have a little help from our friends.

The Friends of Washington Old Hall have played an integral part in preserving this special place for future generations.

Over the years, the group have gifted the National Trust £26,000 which helped us to purchase a nearby property and convert it into a School Room for use by school groups, and £80,000 for paving improvements and the installation of a garden lift.

The group's members recognise the historical and environmental importance of Washington Old Hall and promote it as a centre for community activity and educational opportunity.

Much of the group's income comes from its fundraising activities and whether you're a member of the Trust or not, you can get involved. For more information and to join the Friends of Washington Old Hall, please contact on 0191 4166879 / e-mail.

The Friends of Washington Old Hall are an independent charity.