The west side of Allen Banks has reopened

Visitors having a picnic by the summerhouse

After the devastating 300m landslide in January 2016, we’ve been able to reopen one of the paths on the west side of Allen Banks.

The reopened top footpath provides access from the car park to Ravens Crag, the Summerhouse, and Plankey Mill.

This means you can once again discover some of the fantastic features inspired by Susan Davidson during the 1800s, when Allen Banks was her Wilderness Garden for nearby Ridley Hall.

We have several waymarked routes that you can explore, all of which are displayed in the car park noticeboard. 

This is great news, however we are currently unable to open the other two footpaths that were nearer to the River Allen, as the scale of the landslide and the state of instability that remains on the hillside means it’s just not safe enough. Because of this, there are barriers in place to prevent access to the unstable parts of the site. 

This also means that there are currently no easily-accessible footpaths, as the top footpath has steep climbs, unstable ground, and is not suitable for pushchairs and wheelchairs. 

Just nearby the car park there are is a picnic area, perfect for a chill out in the sun.

National Trust volunteers and rangers have worked tirelessly to reopen the top footpath, and we’re still working to make Allen Banks as accessible as possible in the future. 

Thank you for your support and cooperation. 

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