Urgent White Cliffs appeal

We only have a few days left to safeguard the White Cliffs of Dover. The 700,000 square metres of land immediately behind the clifftop we secured in 2012 are up for sale. The land is vital to the future of this great British icon and we must protect it. Each square metre will cost just £5 to secure and care for – how much will you help protect?

We hope to raise £1 million by 22 September. Thanks to our generous supporters to date we are almost 90 per cent there, but still need your help to protect this Great British icon.

View of White Cliffs of Dover

What your investment will protect

  • 700,000 square metres of iconic land
  • 40+ flower and grass species per square metre
  • 1939-45 wartime relics and home of historic Wanstone Gun Battery
Urgent White Cliffs appeal

How many metres will you help preserve?

£5 will help protect 1 square metre of land at the White Cliffs
£25 will help protect 5 square metres of land at the White Cliffs
£50 will help protect 10 square metres of land at the White Cliffs
Or enter your own amount
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We only have a few days left to raise
£1 million

We have just over 10 per cent left to raise to reach this target, but we still need your support. Any donations made after 22 September, or after we have reached £1 million, will support the ongoing work to protect this and other precious coastal landscapes across the UK.

Why is this land vital?

" Those iconic white cliffs mean a great deal to so many people. Often the first sight of home for our brave boys as they returned from war... It's vital that we do all we can to preserve this important historical site for posterity, so the memory of the past is never forgotten by future generations. "
- Dame Vera Lynn

Why give to the National Trust?

As a charity, we rely on the generosity of supporters to look after the outdoor spaces in our care. Not only do our supporters help to conserve beautiful landscapes and protect precious plants and wildlife. But they also ensure that future generations have places they can find freedom from everyday life, reconnect with the natural world and make memories to treasure. With your support, we can continue to protect the irreplaceable. For ever, for everyone.

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