A day at the farmyard

Meet Popcorn and Peanut at Ardress

Ardress House is nestled in the apple orchards of County Armagh and offers afternoons of fun and relaxation for everyone.

Ardress House boasts one of the finest neo-classical drawing rooms in Ireland but beyond the grandeur lays a pleasant surprise in the form of an 18th Century cobbled farmyard.

The farmyard’s proximity to the house itself is unusual and it boasts a comprehensive range of farm buildings such as a Dairy, Smithy, Tool Shed and Threshing Barn, all fully equipped with tools used at the time in the 18th Century.

Let your imagination take you on a journey….as a Dairy Maid perhaps milking the cows in the Byre followed by butter making in the Dairy or imagine yourself as the Blacksmith shoeing horses and making tools in the Smithy.

The farm nowadays comes to life with a collection of colourful chickens that wait patiently for the arrival of visitors.  Come along and feed these colourful characters and also meet our cute Shetland pony and friendly goats.

Oak leaves
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Oak leaves

Ardress farmyard is also where you can find a total of 8 species of bats.  Come to 'Go Batty' on 2 August at 8.30pm till late, to fully appreciate them but there is an interesting exhibition in one of the buildings giving information about these nocturnal inhabitants.

With its sunny position facing south west the farmyard appeals to all, whether to evoke childhood memories of days gone by or to simply provide a haven to experience the sights and sounds of the present.