Lady's Mile

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The short Lady’s Mile walk guides you through a peaceful belt of woodland surrounding Ardress. Pause for a moment and through the gaps in the trees you can glimpse charming views of the white-walled farmhouse with its quiet apple orchard nestled in pastoral farmland.

Lady's Mile Walk at Ardress House


Lady's Mile Walk at Ardress House


Ardress House


Travel from the car park towards the main gates of the property. This area at the gates was a turning circle. Take left and follow the lane. On the left is an old house called ‘Frizzell’s’ cottage while on your right you’re able to enter the North side of the Lady’s Mile. You’ll be travelling downhill, so take care with exposed roots underfoot. Passing over a bridge you’ll arrive at a lane leading to farmland.

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Turning circle


Cross lane and on your right just beside the second wooden fence is a crab apple tree hugging an ash. You will now be travelling uphill and will have an option of taking a little path on your left through trees. Take this path if you want as it joins the main one again soon. You will soon turn a corner and pass a gate on your left leading to nearby road while on your right is a seat, a former viewing point.

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Crab apple tree close up


You’ll now be travelling downhill and will pass over a bridge. Turning the corner you’ll see on your right an unusual bent pine tree. This area is particularly wet in rainy weather. You will come to a corner with a seat on your left.

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Turning this corner leads you onto the south side of the walk. On the right are new plantations of willow, birch and alder. Between two wooden bridges are snowberry hedges. After the second bridge you’ll reach a corner.

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This final part of the mile has the oldest trees of ash and oak. One old oak tree is thought to be nearly 400 years old. You’ll reach a lane so cross over and go through the stile. This brings you into woodland plantations beside the house.

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Take a slight left and shortly on your right you’ll see a set of steps to climb which will bring you past a rose garden on your left. At the top of these you’ll reach the south side of Ardress House with its Irish Yew tree on the lawn. At the front of Ardress House you must now travel down the lime tree lined avenue to return to your car. This is the main car park all year round. During opening times at the property you have the option of parking up at the house.

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Irish yew tree on the south lawn


Ardress House

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Lady's Mile

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Lady's Mile

How to get here

Ardress House, 64 Ardress Road, Portadown Road, BT62 1SQ
By road

Exit 13 off the M1 south follow the brown signs for 3 miles

Lady's Mile

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  • Car Park
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  • Play Park
  • Farmyard
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