View of the White Drawing Room, Arlington Court, Devon, circa 1914, watercolour, by Chrissie Peters, (d.1939)

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A National Trust Miscellany is a new book that explores quirky and interesting facts about the National Trust

Discover secrets, surprises and fun facts 

Did you know that we keep a clock with no numbers or hands at Cotehele and that we employ a gold mine manager at Dolaucothi? Discover more intriguing facts like these from the new book, A National Trust Miscellany.

Woodblock print by Andō Hiroshige

Spring into our collections 

Artists and designers are always taking inspiration from the natural world, from wildlife and plants to the changing seasons. Celebrate spring through some of its most evocative depictions in our collections.

Cabinet with doors open

Ham House’s cabinet of floral marquetry mastery 

At Ham House in Richmond-upon-Thames, Surrey there is an exquisite 17th-century cabinet intricately inlaid with pieces of colourful woods and exotic materials. They come together to create an abundant display of spring flowers, birds and butterflies.

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Explore Kingston Lacy's historical collection

Step into Kingston Lacy in Dorset, the historic home of the Bankes family, and discover a treasure trove of art and rare objects with astonishing stories to tell. Join Dr Elena Greer, Property Curator, and Tarnya Cooper, Curation and Conservation Director, as they take you on a tour of the items the family kept in this grand house.

Tapestries on three walls in The Vyne's Tapestry Room with fireplace

Rare surviving tapestries return to The Vyne 

Full of colourful scenes and fantastical animals, these highly decorative Soho tapestries captured how Europeans imagined the 'Far East' in the early 18th century. They were removed eight years ago for safekeeping when a succession of storms caused damage to the former Tudor powerhouse. On inspection their fragile state was revealed, from degrading yarns to warped backings that were putting strain on the fabric. After several years of conservation the tapestries are back on display at The Vyne in Hampshire.

An adult clothes moth

Common pests at the places in our care 

Last year our staff identified and logged 56,742 insects at the places we care for. The five most common insect pests found in 2021 remain the same as those recorded in 2020 but the webbing clothes moth has knocked silverfish out of the number-one spot. Learn more about these small but destructive creatures and discover how we reduce the damage they cause to houses and collections.

Conservation in action during the winter clean

Protect the buildings and collections in our care 

We look after over 300 historic buildings and nearly one million works of art, which need constant care to maintain them. You can help protect these important buildings and collections by donating today.

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The majority of objects in our care are recorded on our National Trust Collections website. You'll find many intriguing items to explore at places near you