Armour helmets hanging on the wall in Dragon at Snowshill Manor, Gloucestershire

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Elizabeth I portrait

Introducing our remarkable collections 

We care for one of the world’s largest art and heritage collections. With close to one million objects at over 200 historic places, a surprise discovery awaits you around every corner.

Bellotto, Piazza del Campidoglio

Europe & us in 99 historic objects 

In this year when our political relationship with the continent has been so hotly debated, we have put together a selection of items from our vast collections that help examine our nation’s rich and ancient cultural connections to our neighbours. Every weekday we’ll be highlighting a new item to discover what story it has to tell.

Beatrix Potter, Dinner in Mouseland, 1890-1895 / Beatrix Potter Gallery

Between naturalism and fantasy: the art of Beatrix Potter 

We house the single largest collection of Beatrix Potter's published illustrations, as well as a treasure trove of letters, photographs, unpublished drawings and manuscripts. What do her works reveal about her commitment to scientific accuracy and imaginative exploration?

Exhibition highlights

E.C. Hardman, The Diver, Photograph, 1929

A trip through sporting history 

Sports have inspired the arts for centuries, shaping the way we present ourselves, the way we dress and the very way we move. Delve in and explore a sporting history through our art collections.

Art at our places

Walnut table inlaid with various woods and marbles, Hardwick Hall

Uncovering the secrets of our furniture collection 

We're embarking upon a research project to catalogue thousands of pieces of furniture in our collections. We've made some exciting discoveries whilst adding to the existing knowledge of our most treasured items.

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The majority of objects in our care are recorded in our online database. You'll find many intriguing items to explore at places near you