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Celebrating spring
Chelsea porcelain figures,'The Agreeable Lesson', after Boucher, c1765, at Upton House, Warwickshire

Spring into our collections 

Artists and designers never cease to be amazed by the natural world, with plants, trees and wildlife acting as muse. Celebrate the season by exploring these evocative depictions from examples of fine Chelsea porcelain to Japanese blossom art in our collections.

Easter highlights

One of several Persian carpets at Nuffield Place, Oxfordshire

Paradise underfoot: a Persian carpet at Nuffield Place 

Carpets are one of the most familiar and important elements of the Islamic arts. As the holy month of Ramadan begins in April, Christo Kefalas, World Cultures Curator, takes a closer look at a Persian carpet at Nuffield Place, Oxfordshire, and explores the influence of Islamic decorative arts on Persian carpet design.

Objects in focus


Welcome to the home of William Morris

To celebrate the birthday of Victorian designer William Morris, we're inviting you on a video tour of his former home Red House, Kent. While it's not possible to visit in person right now, you'll still get to experience the unforgettable architecture and interiors of this intriguing place, also home to treasured works of art and Morris's early wallpaper designs.

Close up of hands holding open a 15th-century illustrated Book of Hours

Introducing our remarkable collections 

We look after one of the world’s largest art and heritage collections. With more than one million objects at over 200 historic places - including over 400,000 book titles - a surprise discovery awaits you around every corner.

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Conservation news
Samurai armour from Snowshill being worked on by conservators at the conservation studio

Funding windfall for precious artworks 

We can restore more than 100 historic artworks thanks to a generous gift from our US membership affiliate The Royal Oak Foundation. Find out how we'll be using the money to restore some of the rarest collection items in our care.

Details of three portraits

Addressing our stories of colonialism and historic slavery 

The legacies of colonialism and historic slavery are reflected in the nation’s places, buildings and collections, including those looked after by the National Trust. We're committed to uncovering, exploring and sharing these histories. Learn more about these connections and download our recently published report into colonialism and historic slavery in full.

Conservation in action during the winter clean

Protect the buildings and collections in our care 

We're committed to protecting and preserving our nation’s great houses and other historical buildings, as well as the arts and collections in our care. Give today and together, we can ensure our shared history continues to inspire us all.

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The majority of objects in our care are recorded on our National Trust Collections website. You'll find many intriguing items to explore at places near you