Getting ready to open our doors in Spring

Our doors are now closed and reopen in the Spring on 4th April 2018 however behind the scenes we are still busy conserving our paintings and doing woodland work.

Ashdown House closed its doors for its staircase tours in October 2017 but whilst the doors are closed our team are busy getting ready for reopening next season.  The house team are busy updating our signage around the site, making sure our visitors get a warm welcome with clear information to hand for their arrival. 

Whilst we are closed we also carry out our yearly conservation clean of our collection of paintings, stags head and furniture.  We are also preparing for our Winter Queen painting to leave us for a year as shes going off to an exhibition.

The house may be wrapped and closedup for the Winter months, however outdoors the woods around Ashdown are open waiting to be explored whilst wearing warm clothing and practical shoes.

There were originally four vistas or clearings between the trees aligned up to the sides of the House.  Over time some of the older and prominent trees have been victim to storms, but some planting has taken place in some areas, giving time for the new trees to re-establish.

" Over the Winter you can spot the branches of the old trees covered in moss, with all their curves and character coming, off the mown grass paths. You can't get lost in the woods as all the paths lead back to the centre avenue of mown grass that leads to the house, which allows you to gain your bearings before heading off again. An essential for any walk at Ashdown is wellies as the paths can get a bit squelchy and muddy, and a camera for trying to capture an image of the deer before they move."
- Rachel, Visitor Experience Manager

When its not too blustery outside its worth climbing up Weathercock hill to the weathercock as the views back down towards the house and woods on a clear day are spectacular, and if your lucky you will spot the shy deer grazing around the edges of the woods and amongst the saracen stones in the foreground of the house, near the entrance to the car park.