Exploring Ashdown woods in the Autumn

Ashdown woods with the ground covered in leaves

Ashdown woods surround the avenue of trees that lead to the house. In the Autumnal months the floor of the woods is a carpet of leaves, providing the opportunity the see the wildlife that usually hides away.

The woods

Our woods have many native species of trees, from beech and oak to sycamore, hazel and ash.  Walking through the woods in the Autumn you can see the raised earth banks that we think are the remains of Celtic field boundaries.  

You can see the ancient gnarled pollarded beech trees, created over centuries of regular branch cutting to meet the local timber needs.


The roaming fallow,roe and muntjac deer you can spot amongst the trees or jumping over fences.  Parts of the wood nearer to the house are closed off to visiting public to enable to trees to establish and provide a tranquil refuge for the wildlife.  

The buck or stag uses his antlers to fight other males during the mating season, known as the rut which usually happens towards the last 3 weeks in October.  You may spot on the trees scratch marks from where the antlers have been rubbed against the trees.

50 things before your 11 3/4

Tick off some more of your 50 things to do before your 11 3/4 with catching a falling leaf (number 33) or tracking wild animals (number 34) by spotting their footprints, noises or even some animal dropping.