Things to see and do at Ashdown

Take our guided staircase tour, admire the views from the rooftop, run around in the woods and follow our tree trail. There’s so much to see and do on a visit to Ashdown House. Make sure you don’t miss our craft demonstrations too.

Climb the staircase

Climb the magnificent staircase built of oak and elm. It's an impressive example of 17th-century skilled craftsmanship. On the way, admire the family portraits and hunting trophies of Elizabeth of Bohemia. Every picture tells a story.

View from the cupola

Inside the cupola or out on the roof, take in the view over three counties. The view is still undisturbed by development nearly 350 years on.

Stroll around the grounds

Using an information card available from visitor reception, take a self-guided stroll around the grounds. Be sure to look out for the parterre, Balleroy ponies and Alfred's Castle.


Walk through the tranquil woodland and look for birds and animals. Are there any deer hiding? There are three herds on the estate: muntjac, roe and fallow.

Woodland walks

After visiting Ashdown House and grounds, why not explore the woods. Did you know that some our woodland is older than the house?