Conservation at Bath Skyline

Our team of rangers and volunteers work throughout the year to conserve the Skyline habitats and historical features, and provide access routes to visitors.

Volunteer cutting back brambles in preparation for laying the hedge

Conservation work 

Our dedicated team of rangers and volunteers works throughout the year preserving the Skyline. Find out what we're doing this season.

Dry stone walling is a slow and precise process

Dry stone walling 

The Bath Skyline team is lucky enough to have it's own team of specialist dry stone walling volunteers. Read more about their work restoring little pockets of history

There are many sites being monitored by a new archaeological monitoring volunteer group

Archaeological monitoring 

News and discoveries from our archaeological monitoring group.

Winter trees on Bath Skyline

An in-depth look at the trees on the Skyline 

Find out more about the trees on the Skyline in an in-depth article written by our Skyline ranger.