Archaeological monitoring

There are many sites being monitored by a new archaeological monitoring volunteer group

The National Trust has over 90 archaeological or historic features on the Skyline and in Prior Park Landscape Garden. These range from barrows to boundary markers, tracks to troughs. A new volunteer archaeological monitoring group was established in 2017 to monitor the condition of these features. This information will assist the Skyline team in the future management of the features.

Amongst many puzzles to be solved is the function of the stone markers found in the fields and woods below Bathwick Wood and Sham Castle. The current thinking is that they mark the location of 19th-century adits driven into the hillside by the Duke of Cleveland in order to capture spring water.

The monitoring is a winter task, before the wild garlic, nettles and other vegetation start to grow and hide the marker stones and other features that the team are seeking out. Watch this space for more news of their discoveries.