Autumn wildlife

Bath Skyline in autumn colours

Autumn on the Bath Skyline brings many changes. The views are fringed with bright splashes of colour, and the beech woodlands turn golden. Animals are preparing for winter, and fungi pop up to reveal a whole host of interesting shapes and colours.

The woodland areas on the Bath Skyline offer fantastic displays of colour. Beech is a particularly colourful autumn tree, and can be found across the Skyline. Views from Bathwick Fields in particular offer far reaching views across the city of Bath and beyond with many shades of gold, brown and green.

Keep your eyes peeled for various different fungi that thrive in the autumn. There are many to be spotted, from large bracket fungus to tiny ink caps.

Look out for the Colours of Autumn walk on 12 November to find out more about the Skyline trees and fungi.

Fairy ink cap grows in large clumps
Fairy ink cap fungus
Fairy ink cap grows in large clumps