Dog walking on the Bath Skyline

Dogs and their owners exploring the Bath Skyline

We welcome dogs on the Bath Skyline, and hope that both dogs and their owners enjoy the space, the nature and the views.

In some parts of the Skyline you are walking on farmland, or wildflower meadows and pastures that are grazed for the conservation of wildflower grassland. It’s in these areas that we ask you to help us keep the space safe for the sheep and cattle that live here, and to act in a way that keeps yourself and your dog safe.

Dogs can endanger sheep, not just through attacks but by sheep worrying simply by being close by, with the sheep particularly vulnerable when ewes are pregnant or nursing lambs. Please keep your dog under close control and in sight when walking around Rainbow Wood Farm, and when sheep are grazing Richens Orchard (dogs on leads through orchard please).

Cattle can endanger people and dogs, especially when provoked or scared by the dog.
• Please keep your dog under close control when walking in grazed fields.
•  If cows start to follow you, let go of the dogs lead as he can then get away and diffuse the situation.
• Our grazed areas are relatively large, and in most instances the cattle will not be bothered by you walking nearby.
• If cattle are across the path, you are welcome to walk around them, and always avoid coming between a mother and her calf.

Dog poo creates mess and an unsafe environment for people and livestock.
• We ask that you clear up after your dog, and take the poo bags with you.
• There are several bins and dog poo bins not far from the Bath Skyline walk. Dog poo bags can be put into a regular waste bin.
• Keeping your dog on a lead or very close to you through Larch Wood and the Woodland Play Area ensures that the play area and surrounding woodland remains free from dog waste, and safe for children to play and explore.
• Parasites found in dog poo can cause abortions in cattle and death in sheep, so poo left in fields can pose a danger to the animals living on the Bath Skyline.

Map showing locations of bins near to the Bath Skyline walk (PDF / 0.2MB) download

We would like to say thank you to the dog walkers who help us to keep a safe home for our grazing animals, and clean and healthy countryside for other Bath Skyline users. When you take your dog poo bags to the nearest bin, our volunteers can spend less time litter picking and more time caring for the Skyline.