Improved access to the Bath Skyline

New gates enabling improved access to parts of the Skyline

Access to the Bath countryside has been improved with the addition of new access-for-all gates at Bushey Norwood, Bathwick Fields, and Claverton Down. The removal of kissing gates and addition of these new gates mean that wheelchair users and families with pushchairs can now enjoy more of the wildflower grasslands, open spaces and city-wide views that the Bath Skyline has to offer.

In 2014 works were carried out to improve paths and access around Claverton Down, creating a 2 mile access-for-all route that now forms the Bath Skyline’s Family Discovery Trail, and is used every week by the ever popular Bath Skyline parkrun.


“We are always looking to improve access” said Skyline ranger Rob Hopwood-Stephens. “We are here for the nation as a whole, and want to provide activities and spaces to meet people’s needs”. These new gates replace old kissing gates and can be found at the entrance to Bathwick Fields on Bathwick Hill opposite Cleveland Walk, at the entrance to Bushey Norwood and between the two fields, just off The Avenue, and at the entrance to Claverton Down from Claverton Down Road to the east of Rainbow Wood Farm.


Local couple Gene and Jenny Kerr were recently able to visit Bathwick Fields for the first time in 17 years to test out the new gate. As dog owners they are already daily users of the Family Discovery Trail around Claverton Down. Jenny’s electric wheelchair can even make it down to the Balcony, part of Ralph Allen’s old carriage drive, where they can enjoy views of Bath from above. Gene commented, “The work carried out since 2014 has completely transformed our experience of the local countryside. We regularly enjoy Claverton Down, and Bushey Norwood, and explore as much as we can along the track to Smallcombe Cemetery, but these new gates will mean some new routes and views for us. We had forgotten how stunning the city looks from Bathwick Fields”.