Long Wood elf and fairy foray

 Fairy door number 15 of the fairy and elf trail

Catch a sneak peek of 10 of the elf and fairy homes here - you can even find out who lives behind these doors too. Come and visit our elf and fairy foray and look for these doors hidden along the base of trees on the woodland path. There are 15 doors in all to find.

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The foray is in Long Wood (near the Woodland Play Area), just east of the Bath Clinic off of Claverton Down.

Singer Windbranch

Fairy door 1
'Surf to work is my motto' he says, bringing gentle breeze to change the weather.

Serafina Heartfly

Fairy door 2
She twirls in the meadows spinning love spells.

Bracken Elffly

Fairy door 3
She lives where bracken and curling ferns grow. A cheerful and friendly fairy.

Whispy Sapling

Fairy door 4
He lives among brambles looking out for those in need. He has a gadget to fix any problem.

Feather Willowweb

Fairy door 5
She casts vivid dreams and needs the cockerel to wake her from her dream-casting trance when daytime arrives.

Pumpkin Watersprite

Fairy door 6
He has been sitting on his flying pumpkin for a thousand years, playing his pipes to the sound of raindrops and dewdrops.

Field Flameleaf

Fairy door 7
He lives in fields where wild flowers grow, lighting fires in hearts that pass by.

Avalon Fruitpip

Fairy door 8
She looks after the birds and lives in stony places and leafy glades.

Gossamer Windglimmer

Fairy door 9
She is queen of the air and lives among spider-webbed wonderlands and insect grottoes.

Brave Beamtwist

Fairy door 10
He lives in these beech woods and holds the Golden Leaf that shines the way to discovery.
Download these maps and sheets

Elf and fairy activity sheet

Use this sheet to mark of the fairy doors you find along the trail.

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