Our work this autumn

Skyline volunteers with a bonfire

Autumn brings lots of preparation work. We make the most of the mild weather before winter begins to bite. Many jobs from the summer will continue too.

We now have a small flock of around 9 Dorset downland cross sheep grazing the orchard pasture in Richens Orchard. The rangers used to spend lots of time mowing and raking, and now the woolly residents will do it for us. The sheep will have a great diet, and it will also help the wildflowers flourish. 

We continue to evolve the play area on Claverton Down. This year has seen a new and exciting swing installation, and a modified seesaw which is fixed rather than floating so operates more quietly. To see a crowd of people queueing for the swing or a row of kids balancing on the seesaw makes all the work and building and looking after our play area so worthwhile.

Another big project is to install a pond near the family discovery trail. There are natural springs on the hillside, and we'll be using natural materials and the traditional technique of puddling clay to create a natural pond in this long standing wetland area. Ponds are great habitats for wildlife, and when established should attract a whole host of invertebrate and bird life.