Ranger recommendation - April

Spring in Smallcombe Wood is just magical

The ranger team share their top tips for exploring the Skyline each month.

This month I'd like to recommend a spring stroll through Smallcombe Wood. The floor of this beautiful ancient woodland has completely transformed and is covered in wild garlic making it a vibrant green. Buds are showing on the  ash, field maple, beech, silver birch and many other tree species you'll find here.

There are some lovely old hazel coppice stools showing hints of the history of the woods. At the top of the woodland, where the garlic dominates less, there are some bluebells poking through. In this atmospheric space, you wouldn't realise how close to the city you are, many birds can be heard here and buzzards can often be seen flying overheard.

This woodland is so changeable through the seasons. Smallcombe Wood is a short diversion from the Bath Skyline walk path, between points 10 and 11 on the map.