Our rangers recommend...

Golden beech trees in the autumn sunlight

The ranger team share their top tips for exploring the Skyline each month.

This month I’m recommending a nice autumn stroll to see lovely autumnal colours. Hawthorn trees are full of deep red berries at the moment and a good spot to see these are below the Balcony in Rainbow Wood fields. This area also has lots of dog rose which have produced lots of red rose hips. On blackthorn, you can see deep purple sloes. These can be seen all over the Skyline, particularly in hedges and scrubby field boundaries.

As well as being a lovely sight, these berries are also a vital food source for birds and other wildlife. Holly trees are also producing berries at the moment, creating a beautiful contrast to their dark green leaves. Look out for ivy which is flowering at the moment with yellowy green flowers which are an important  food source for many insects before they hibernate. This time of year can be as rich and diverse in colour as the summer.

Then of course not to be missed is the natural fireworks displayed by the trees. This year's display is not as vibrant as last, as many trees are still stressed from the dry summer. But the beech trees are on the turn, looking bright and golden in the sunlight.